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Flashback (Part I): 2006-2008


I received a request for pictures of my hair pre-henna. Until more recenlty, like the last couple of years, I didn’t own a camera. I also am not really a picture person … meaning, I don’t take a lot of pics as I constantly forget to bring my camera or forget to take pictures on the rare occasions that I remember to bring it with me. (Yeah, I know, but I’m serious! I didn’t start taking lots of pictures until last year when I started photo “chronicling” my hair. Some friends expressed interest in seeing my henna results and Nikki suggested taking pictures to document your hair journey). So, I only have that one little old photo of a photo that I posted in my HairStory. However, I did do a major cut in 2007 (I think that was the year). My hair was healthy and long, but I had layers and they weren’t working out for me. And, I just wanted a change. So, I cut it to about chin length. Straight. I LOVED it straight! Got so many compliments the first day I returned to work after chopping it. Don’t think I wore it straight again after that first couple of weeks. I wasn’t a fan of the length when it s like it was curly. So, I grew it out again. I was able to dig up a few photos on FB to post. Some are blurry because they were taken with my little Sprint Rumor phone=). Anyway, here they are.


WnG: April 2006/Jamaica.  If you squint, you can kind of make out my curl pattern. It was a lot curlier then. I was using Lotsa Curls Gel mixed with CD HHB back then. I’m wondering if the Lotsa Curls may have had something to with it too. I’ll have to revisit that gel for a WnG and see what happens.

Press and curl/Spring 2006: I usually get my hair pressed 2x a year (once every 6 months) for a trim. However, my last two trims/cuts have been on curly hair, though I had my hair straightened once in October 2010 in the last year.

Thanksgiving 2007 – After the cut

Winter 2008 (Jan/Feb?): In early 2008, I decided I wanted to experiment with tracks as my friend has some really natural looking ones in her hair. I researched and found a very good quality of hair that could be worn straight or curly. I had about 4 tracks layered between my hair. I had them reinstalled for about 3 rounds (6 months, re-installed approximately every 8 weeks).

July 2008 – Family Reunion with my mom-mom! My length looks about the same in 07 and 08.  I took care of my hair while I had the tracks installed, washing and conditioning as instructed and braiding the hair at night to keep it from tangling. But, I mostly wore the hair straight because although it was curly, it wasn’t as curly as my hair. So the textures didn’t blend well. I think that the repeated use of heat as well as the cornrow and sewing process were too much for my fine hair.  So, in Summer 2008, I believe I lost a couple of inches when I went to a new salon and got it cut.

October 2008: I believe I pressed it here myself in preparation for a Halloween party where I was going as a Greek goddess with a long ponytail.

November 2008

November/Decemeber 2008

December 2008/Press and Curl

December 2008 – With my natural younger sister.

Well, that’s it for Flashback Part I! Flashback Part II, 2009, The Year of Progress!!  Coming soon to a blog near you!