25 Random Things About Me (#1-10)


12/13/12: This is a two part post that I did when I first started my blog in July 2011.  A similar Random Things About Me “game” on IG reminded me of it.  And, since I have a lot more readers than I did when I started my blog in July 2011, thought some may have not seen this and might be interested in learning a little bit more about me. Hope that I’m right ;)! 


(My screensaver at work for the last 2 years.)

You know that FB game where you make a note with 25 random things about yourself? Yeah, I never did that. But, most of you said that you like to get to know about someone through their blog (see my poll for evidence;-), even about things non-hair related. Though I normally don’t blog on the weekend as I’m trying to get posts ready for the upcoming week, this was an easy one because I started it on the GOC=). So yeah, I’m cheating! Anywho, here are the first 10 random things about me. Number one is a very, very, VERY important thing to know about me. Even hair is secondary to it. Though, I’ve been letting hair take the front seat for a little while since I started blogging=).


1.  I LOVE cartoons, comics, and superheroes. Capital L-O-V-E. I’ve loved them my entire life and generally keep the TV on channels with cartoons, except in the morning when I turn on the news (notice I didn’t say “watch” the news, mostly because it’s white noise while I get ready for work and try to hear the weather and traffic reports). Batman and Avatar are my all-time favorites.  No. Like seriously.  I’m definitely a nerd and really don’t care. The members of my family all just shake their heads.  They say, “Shelli and those cartoons.”

(NYC Comic Con 2009. Yeah, that’s how I roll;.)

2.  I’m an artist. Well, I can draw. But, I don’t draw enough. I’m sitting at my drawing table now, but have only used it as a table for my computer in the last year.

3.  I have two sisters. I’m the oldest and we all have first names that start with “Sh” and middle names that start with the letter “A.”

4.  I’m my grandmother’s favorite. Everyone knows and accepts this.

5.  Buttercream is my weakness. Last year, a friend gave me a can of it for my birthday. I ate it straight out of the can.

6.  I am a Claims Manager for a property/casualty insurer. I run a department of about 54 people. Most of them know that I love cartoons, comics and several know about my hair obsession. Been caught on a few occasions with the scissors snipping split ends in my office … by the same friend who gave me buttercream.

7.  I’ve lived in NJ my entire life, including attending college in NJ.

8.  I graduated from Princeton University with a BA in Art History/Visual Arts.

9.  I competed in bodybuilding competitions for two years in the mid 90s. I did 5 competitions and placed in all of them, with my highest place being 2nd in two shows.

10.  I love Joss Whedon. Buffy. Angel. FIREFLY. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog. Dollhouse was going somewhere. Come back to us Joss. Oh wait, he is!! He’s directing the Avengers movie!

Click here to read #11-#25.


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  1. I’m originally from Vineland (about 30 minutes from Philly;), but actually lived in Irvington for a few years as well as Orange for a few years. So, very familiar with both areas.


  2. I had no idea what the Avengers was, apparently they’ve been doing casting calls for extras the past two days (here in Cleveland, Oh), because I guess they’re going to shoot some scenes downtown. My ex-boyfriend is actually down there RIGHT now, lol (he’s been there since 10am, trying to be an extra, lol) Well, now that I know you’re a fan, if he gets it, I’ll be sure to let you know where to spot him. hahahahaha 🙂


  3. I love reading random things about people. I did one of these on Facebook like 2yrs ago, but stupid FB erased all my blogs when they started messing around and updating the site. I thought mine was really cool, lol too bad I can’t remember what I wrote. :-/


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  6. Lmbo @ you being your Grandmother’s favorite and everyone knowing it and accepting it. That is freakin hilarious lol


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