Daily Archives: July 1, 2011

Elegant Rope Twist Bun


If you’ve been here before=), you know that one of my favorite Youtubers for updos on medium to long hair is Lilith Moon. She is so creative with her styles and, in her videos, she provides very clear, concise instructions with no “fluff.” I find that it’s pretty easy to modify most of her styles for naturally curly hair with a little cleverness of my own.



So, when I saw this video, I grabbed the braiding hair (hey, she had a little “mane” assistance as well;-) I use to create my Chinese Bun and went to work. As usual, I started this style on hair that was previously stretched with a TnC (This was a 5 day old TnC that I’d worn bunned the entire week). I knew the synthetic hair would be a little difficult to secure if I only tried to twist it into my hair. Given that I was pretty sure the bun would cover the origin of the twists, I started attaching the synthetic hair with a braid for about three or four turns (my hair being the center section and the synthetic hair forming the other two sections on either side). Then I split my hair and began the rope twist with half of my hair and half synthetic hair in each side of the twist. I arranged the twists and used bobby pins to secure as I wrapped. Once done, I slicked my edges with a little Eco Styler Olive Oil gel mixed with a moisturizer (don’t remember which one), tied down my hair with a satin scarf to smooth the edges and went to bed. In the morning, removed the scarf and then, of course, I stuck in a DIY flower=). Hope you like!

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(By the way, I’m sorry I’m always deadpan in pics. I actually smile and laugh all of the time. But, when I try to take a pic of myself smiling, it looks strained and fake! So, I almost always end up deleting those and you get this face! Yeah, I know, it might not be much better than the strained smile.  LOL!)