Kai’s Flexi-Rod Set Tutorial


The gorgeous Kai is back with a tutorial demonstrating how she achieves the “most beautifulest” rod set on natural hair!!!

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  1. Hey Marsha, if you click the link on Kai’s name, you’ll find her prior videos where she talks about the longevity of the style and her maintenace routine. I know she got about 5 or more days out of this style and her day 5 hair looked as good as day 1! She told me over on FB that it takes her about an hour to set, an hour under the dryer and she pineapples at night. I asked if she works out. She does, but she says she tries not to break a sweat (*LOL*). She doesn’t even put it up when she works out. I really want to try this style, but with hot yoga, I know that I’d spend all the time doing it just to sweat it out and be mad about it!! LOL!


  2. If i didn’t know any better, i’d say this was Kai from Mane & Chic. She never show’s her face on her blog, but always boast about her love for Fleix Rod sets. And, it kind of looks like one pic she posted early on in her journey that showed her face. Pretty girl, beautiful hair. You better WERK girl.


  3. Hey Everyone!! Kai here (the real KaiRox146, lol) I’m glad you guys like the set and video!!! Yes, 76 flexi-rods is a lot! For that reason, this is not a usual or routine style for me. It’s funny because I didn’t realize I used that many until I counted them after taking them out! I was thinking, “wow, I really used a lot!”

    Thanks so much Shelli for posting my video and answering everyone’s questions for me. You are %100 correct!! I’m still getting used to the whole youtube and blog thing, I am forgetful sometimes. lol.

    Thank you so much everyone!!

    By the way, I am not the Kai from Mane & Chic, although I do love that site! ❤


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