Daily Archives: June 30, 2011

Get Thee Behind Me, PJ!!!


So, yesterday, I was at Target for Sudafed (my allergies raised their ugly heads and I had to get my drugs. Had to settle for generic pseudoephedrine as Sudafed was recalled. Why didn’t anyone tell me?!?!). So, as I’m walking towards the register, what is staring me right in the face?!?! Frickin’ Shea Moisture and Curls products!!! Sitting there taunting me on the aisle display shelf! Soooo unfair!! And they had the SM Yucca Baobab Volumizing line that I’ve been wanting to try!!! I had the conditioner in my hand ya’ll, was walking to the register to pay for it, stopped in my tracks, looked at it, remembered my PJ Stash posts … 70+ products in my house and said “I don’t need this. Nooooooo!!!!” *pushing hand holding product away from self* “Get thee behind me!!”

Okay, but why was I, only 2 hours earlier, in the only beauty supply store (BSS – *note to self* add to lexicon) in NJ that sells Qhemet products trying to get my PJ fix on because CurlyNikki has been singing the praises of the Cocoa Ghee? See this post and this post and this post and then this post!!! C’mon, seriously, what’s a PJ to do?!?! Look at her hair, read how she hasn’t washed it in a month, see her keep extolling a product over and over and over again and tell me how could I resist my primal PJ instincts?!?!!

They were SOLD OUT!! D@#$!!!  A new shipment comes in today!! D@#$!!!!  I was in the area because I was meeting a friend who lives about a mile away from the store, but the spot is a good 30-40 minutes from my house/job!!!  He giveth and then he taketh away!!!  Grrrrrr Aaaaaarghhh!

(hmmmm … wonder if I can get my girlfriend to go pick some up for me after work?!)

Okay, has anyone tried either of these ? Reviews?  Good, bad or ugly?  Help a PJ out!!