Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hair Milk + Smoothie Review: Take Two


As promised, I tried the SM C&H Hair Milk and Smoothie combo again. Here is a video of the TnC take down and my “take two” review (click here for “take one”). Don’t laugh at my “glistening.” YES! I’M GLISTENING!!  *lol*



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  1. Yes, it did! We’ll see what it looks like today! I ran last night and left it in the ponytail. So, not sure what it will look like today when I take it down. But, if all else fails, banana clip bun! LOL! And thanks, I love that red streak=). I feel like it gives this extra umph to all of my styles! Can’t wait for it to be almost the full length of those strands, which will take quite some time!


  2. Hey what was that playing in the background? the tv? lol. Yes you were rushing but you know what? You look very relaxed in front of the camera.

    Your videos actually come out very good for someone who just learned! My last video was awful but I rushed it. I’m going to do more this weekend but not making it an all time thing. too time consuming.


  3. OMG!!! That’s the news!!! I didn’t even hear it in the background!! I always turn it on in the morning, but it’s like white noise to me!! I did not even hear it until you pointed it out! How embarrassing!! LOL!! Thank you guys!! I still didn’t see your video. Is it up now. I’m not going to watch tonight though. My allergies hit hard yesterday and I feel like crappola. Got the pseudoephedrine in my and hope it works quickly. I can’t be like this for the Rugged Maniac next Saturday! Anywho, going to hit the sack no. Might not have any posts for tomorrow unless I can put one together super quickly in the morning.


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