Banana Clip Bun Tutorial (My Very First Video!!)


I made my very first hair video guys!! I was tired after driving a little over two hours to get home from a dinner event. But, when I received requests from Naj and Keisha for a tutorial of this style, I figured I’d give it a shot because I was wearing that very bun!!

A couple of notes, one of which I mention in the video. My hair was saturated with Dabur Vatika Hair Fall Control Cream. I applied it as a pre-poo the prior evening and didn’t have time to wash before I had to leave for the event the next day. The banana clip bun is my “go to” style when I’m in this situation and am going to a dressier event.  Second note, if your hair is significantly shorter, but long enough to fold, you should still be able to do this style. Rather than wrapping the hair around the bun, fan your hair evenly over the banana clip in a 360 degree formation. Then, roll sections of hair outward from the center of the ponytail and pin around the base of the clip, forming a doughnut like bun.

So, how’d I do for my first video?!?! Should I bother making any more=D?!? 


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  1. You should absolutely make more. You did great! That isn’t how I thought the banana clip process went at all so that was a perfect example of why videos are useful.


  2. You’re a natural Shelli. Even with the darker lighting (which wasn’t all that bad by the way), you did very well and didn’t even look nervous. You should see my last video. i was tired and ghettofabulous! It’s posted on my blog today.


  3. Awww, thanks guys!! Michelle, I didn’t see a video earlier today. Couldn’t even get to your regular blog. Seemed to be an ad page when I clicked on your site?

    Valencia, really?!? How did you think it was done?

    Tiffany, ah yes, the flower to head ratio;-). Actually, it also depends on where you are placing the flower. Near the face, I tend to go smaller near a big bun, I can go bigger. With the pin-curled twists style, I had to use small flowers as a large one looked crazy. So, the style and placement dictate the appropriate size too=).


  4. Shelli,

    You should definitely do more videos. A lot of people *okay namely me* are visual learners and some of us *again I’m talking about myself* are hair-challenged.

    After watching your video, I feel brave enough to attempt this style tomorrow. My hair takes so long to dry that I often wake up with wet hair, so this may be just what I need as a go-to.

    Thanks again.


  5. I think your hair is awesome. I actually use banana clips often. The fix a multitude of bad hair days, especially if you don’t have time to re-do a whole head. I think your video is informative, I have two things I noticed. It’s a little dark, and your dark hair kind of makes things look too blended and you can’t really see what was happening if that makes sense. And, most of the styling was out of the camera shot. If you could tilt the camera more we could better see exactly what your hands were doing. Overall though, good job. I hope see more from you.


    • Thank you for the feedback and compliment Patrice. Yeah, I know about the lighting=(. I actually wrote that in the description of the video on youtube. So, when I shot another video this morning, I brought a lamp into the bathroom and sat it on the dark side. I think it was better. In regard to the darkness of my hair, don’t think I’ll be able to add much more lighting given my current bathroom locale constraints;-). But, I’ll try to move a little closer to the camera and under the lens (I just sit it on a shelf in my bathroom). I didn’t do that this morning though, so don’t expect it when you see that one=). Thanks again!!


    • Thank you sooo much!! I just started a youtube channel with this video and have two others. I’m going to try to film one a week and I’ll try to do some more product reviews too=). Thanks again for the compliments and encouragement=).


  6. thanks again for the tutorial! just came from CN! i am the keisha that requested it! 🙂 You did a GREAT job on the video and YES you should continue to do them!


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