KaiRox146’s Fabu Flexi-Rod Set!


Hi guys,

I just wanted to share these videos of an amazing flexi-rod set achieved by the gorgeous KaiRox. I begged her to let me post it here and she graciously obliged=)!  I LOVE natural hair=)!! It is just so versatile. Hope you enjoy!!


Coming soon, KaiRox’s HairStory!!!!  So excited=)!!


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  1. Wow, that’s lasted long on her! I was reading about porosity as you suggested and how your hair holds or doesn’t hold a set depends on the porosity as well. Who knew!


    • I didn’t even know that! So, which type of porosity doesn’t hold a set well?!? And, I know in regard to how long Kai’s hair held that set! Amazing, right?!?! I wish!!! And, she was all touching it too without getting frizz!! That would never happen with my hair!!


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