Salvaging a TnC – Beyond the Bun


What do you do when a style goes wrong because it doesn’t dry entirely, is too oily, too limp, frizzy or doesn’t hold up beyond day one?

You make it right again. Here are just a couple of options, beyond the bun*, for salvaging a TnC or BnC (remember, hair accessories, bobby pins, scrunchies and banana clips are your friends=).

Side ponytail with flowers on TnC that didn’t dry entirely:

Faux hawk with banana clip on too oily/”producty” dry TnC:

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How do you salvage a failed style?

(*Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a bun!! Big, small, high, low, side, accessorized, solo. Just figured you all know that one and would like some  other options. ;))


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  1. This wasn’t supposed to post until later today! LOL! Thanks ladies=). What’s the problem with the banana clip Rece? You can’t get it into your hair or you can’t make it look right?


  2. I absolutely love your hair. Congratulations on your blog. I have trouble with not only the banana clip style, but the buns/ponytails, as well. How do you manage to gather all of your hair in a sleek manner? My hair is much more thick in the front, especially on the right and I end up with a huge lump whenever I attempt to pull my hair in any style.

    Do you have any pointers, beyond growing a third hand? 🙂 Help, please!!!


  3. Thanks laides! Tanya, I always have little lumps too, but I just smooth the top layer with this thin little boar bristle “teasing” brush I picked up at Sally’s. The banana clip helps eliminate/conceal more of the lumps though. Question, are you trying a bun/ponytail on stretched hair (with a TnC, banding, twist out, etc.) or on a WnG? If on a WnG, that could be the problem. Try it after stretching the hair first. Finally, you can also try wet bunning. CurlyNikki has a video tutorial on this technique. She would put her head under the tub faucet upside down to direct and smooth the hair to the top of her head for a high bun, while rinsing her conditioner. Then she would put on the ponytail holder, make several twists, roll the hair, tie a scarf around the perimeter and let that dry. So, maybe you can try that technique? I don’t think my hair would EVER dry like that though, so I haven’t tried it. Hope that helps!


  4. Thanks for responding so quickly and I appreciate the tips. I was pulling W&G hair/free-flow air-dryed hair into a bun/pony. I can never seem to get the twist outs the way I like. I’ll try the CN method of pinning up the hair under the faucet. That may work well for me.

    Again, congratulations on your site and now the regular guest-blog opportunity on CN.

    Having women like you who are willing to share your creative styles and hair lessons has been a Godsend.

    Good luck on your training.


    • No problem Tanya and thank you so much!! Encouragement from women like you is what got me started and keeps me motivated! I hope to bring information of value and a perspective that is helpful to this immense community!!


  5. Very cute! I must say my jaw dropped when I saw your curls before reading the entire blog! absolutely gorgeous! Can you please do a tutorial on your bun and the banana clip? Congrats on the blog!


    • Hi Keisha,

      Thank you so much for the support!! I actually was wearing the bun today. So, I decided to give a video tutorial a shot! I didn’t know how I would do it without a camera man or tripod. Then, I realized I have a little shelf in my bathroom on which I could set the camera! The lighting isn’t the best, but I think you’ll be able to see it well enough. I’m going to post it Monday, most likely. So, keep an eye out for it! Thank you again=)!


  6. Your hair always looks moisturized and shiny. I need help, my hair is always SUPER DRY and tangled by the end of the day when I wear it in a TnC. What products would you recommend that would last and keep my hair moist while wearing it out and down?? I confess I am a product junkie so please don’t hesitate on products cause knowing me I probably have it already… lol lol lol smh at myself. Oh and btw…. I live in Oklahoma and the heat and humidity ain’t no joke…lol lol


    • Hmmmm. Are you deep conditioning Stef? I think if you’re not doing that, it’s the first step because it sets the foundation for your hair’s moisture levels. IN regard to the TnC, what products are you using now? Are you using a leave-in before applying your styler and are you sealing your moisturizer/styler in with an oil or butter before rolling your twists for the TnC? This is what I do, on damp hair, I apply the kimmaytube leave-in recipe. I use JBCO instead of regular castor oil and I’ve halved the oils because too much weighs my hair down. However, if your hair is super dry, you should probably stick with the “original” recipe. Then, I’ll apply about a finger-full of styler to each section before twisting. Next, I’ll seal the ends with JBCO and roll. When fully dry, I take out the rollers, then coat my hands with a little tiny bit of oil (JBCO again or maybe Vatika) and release the twists. My hair stays moisturized. If it’s very humid and hot where you live, the leave-in and stylers your use are key! You’ll want something without a lot of humectants as those will cause your hair to frizz and swell from too much water being pulled into your hair (though your hair won’t feel moist). Although they usually say “shelf” humectants in the Winter, when you live someplace with a high dew point, you have to be careful about them in the Summer too. Here is a CurlyNikki post that actually provides a list of conditioners to shelf and pull out in the Winter. However, you actually may want to try the Winter leave-in products now because they are low on humectants: Hope this helps!!


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