Washing in Twists – Not Just for the Tightly Curly


I’ve never had a problem with my hair re-tangling after  a detangling session. So, when I initially read about the technique of twisting for washing, conditioning and deep conditioning, I didn’t think it was necessary or relevant for my curl pattern/texture. However, several months ago, I started to twist my hair into four sections after applying a DC. Then, when I started pre-pooing and dry finger detangling, I started to twist my hair as I applied my pre-poo of choice (coconut or Vatika oil at the time). Next, I started to twist my hair after I co-washed and detangled each section. Now, I use twists throughout my wash day routines. The reason I’ve done so is because I’ve found that the twists seem to prep my hair to retain TnC and twist out sets. I have about 4 different textures on my head (who doesn’t, right?) and this process of setting the twists seems to create a “memory” for my hair to follow that wave pattern. However, I believe my TnC and twist-out sets have greatly improved in consistency of pattern, definition and hold from using twists throughout my wash session.

Pic 1:  Wash day (hair was in a bun at the end of the week – it doesn’t look too bad!)

Pic 2:  Pre-pood with Dabur Vatika Hair Fall Control Styling Cream, lightly finger detangled and twisted.

Pic 3: Released twists after rinsing DC (I leave hair in twists during the cold water rinse, which further helps set the twist pattern).

Pic 4-6: TnC with Kimmaytube leave-in only (only 1 tsp of each oil instead of 2).

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  1. omg your hair is so beautiful! It looks so silky! How do you get it like that? My hair is SO dry and shrinks so little! Your hair rocks though!


    • Awwww, thanks Bonita! My hair always had a decent sheen, I guess. But, henna, cold/cool rinses, tee-shirt/curl cloth blotting (instead of using a towel) and Kimmaytube leave-in all help with the shine. When you say your hair shrinks so little, do you mean it doesn’t shrink or it shrinks to a lot so that it seems a lot shorter than it is? If your hair is dry, do you deep condition, moisturize with a water-based product and seal with a butter or oil? Have you tried the kimmaytube leave-in? That is a Godsend for many! If you saw my recent post, you’ll see that is me included!


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