HairStories – I Want You!



I think I can safely say that we all enjoy a good hair story. We like to read about the challenges and triumphs of others as they help encourage and motivate us on our own journeys. They allow us to see what is attainable. They allow us to see that success is often a result of challenge. They teach us that no journey is perfect and that every adversity can be a learning experience. They teach us that we have more in common than we have differences. In the same regard, they show us that it is our differences that make us so very beautiful (like all the colors in a rainbow). So, this is a forum to share our stories and to discover and learn and grow and … of course … ogle over some hair porn=).

I will be developing a list of interview questions for HairStories (to be posted shortly) that can be used as a format for submissions (see My HairStory for ideas about format and questions to answer). Or, if you prefer, you can write your story anyway you like. Please e-mail me your Big ChopHenna and MeInspiration and/or Transition interview/story with 4-6 pics of your hair (people love seeing BC pics compared to “present day” pics, so submit one of those if you can!).

Send your HairStory and pics to with the subject “HairStory” and either BC, Henna, Inspiration or Transition. If you think there should be another category, please let me know!

(I’m known as the Grammar Officer among my friends and family. So, I’ll probably cast an editorial eye over all submissions to ensure clarity and correct any typos [though I know I’ll miss a few as I’m sure I’ve made a few].)

That being said,


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