Chinese Bun w/Braiding Hair


This is a simple and easy style that I discovered on Youtube and modified by adding synthetic hair. If your hair is long and/or thick enough to do this without the added hair, go for yours=)!  It takes about 10-15 minutes to create this bun.  It just looks like a lot of steps because I wanted to make certain I was as descriptive as possible since I’m not able to provide a video tutorial.  The first two steps are just the minimal “supplies.”


One (1) bag of braiding hair sectioned into two even pieces. I used the cheap Kanelekon that was $1.99 for one bag, 3 for $5. I also sprayed it with some Infusium 23 on the premise that it would reduce the friction of the synthetic hair against my hair. Hey, what the heck? You can use any hair, synthetic or natural, in a texture and color that  closely matches your own. Just make sure it’s long.

Hair stick(s) of your choice. I purchased several when I discovered this style. However, the one in my hair is very old and from a trip to St. Maarten or something.


1. Part clean, moisturized and sealed hair to the side of your choice. (Note: My hair is actually 2nd day hair … that’s still pretty clean to me. I did a twist out to stretch hair on wash day. I used the Kimmaytube leave-in and Jamaican Black Castor Oil [JBCO] to seal my ends with the original set and again on just my ends before doing this style.)

2. Gently smooth hair behind your ears towards nape of neck. Split hair into two sections to form two braids. Pull a little hair from one section to the other side to eliminate an obvious part. Clip one section out of the way.

3. Take one half of the braiding hair and grasp it in the middle. Grasp one section of your hair and hold it in a ponytail a little higher than the nape of your neck. Place the middle of the “folded” synthetic hair under your section of hair to create three sections. Your hair is the middle section of the braid and the synthetic hair creates the two sections on either side.

4. Braid the whole length of the synthetic hair, coaxing your hair as smoothly in the braid as possible. The braid does NOT needs to be tight to your scalp nor perfectly braided. When you form the bun, it tightens the hair and conceals any imperfections in the braid. Do NOT burn the ends of the hair as it can be re-used. Repeat the braiding process for the other back section of hair.

5. Take your hair stick and gently thread it slightly above the base of the braids. How high you place the stick determines how high your bun will rest.

6. Now, here’s the complicated part=). Take one braid in each hand and cross each braid under the stick and to the opposite side. Then, continue to wrap the braids over and around the hair stick until you reach the ends, thus forming a bun.

7. Tuck the ends under the bun. I don’t need to use any pins to secure the ends. The hair holds itself in place very securely.

8. I don’t need a perfectly slick style, but I like to smooth my edges somewhat. So, I mixed a little homemade Shealoe with a little Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel and tied a satin scarp around my edges and under the bun. At night, I will usually tie the scarf, but take the bun down and let the braids hang loose. Then, I  just re-set the bun in the morning, usually with a different hair stick choice!

Just some final notes for those of you who might be interested. In these pics, I sectioned out a small area of hair near my face, braided it “folded” it back across my crown and then tucked it into opposite side of the bun. In regard to hair sticks, I purchased a few metal hair sticks from The wood sticks with the silver inlay (I don’t know if it’s visible) were purchased from The brown and black plastic sticks at the end came in a “two set pack” from Sally’s. All of the sticks are under $20. You can place a second stick in this style if you have a set and like to wear two in your bun. Just place the second stick in the position of your choice after your bun is complete (I usually place it at a 45 degree angle above the first stick.

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  1. Me likes this one. Simple.

    On another note, I was trying to do the tutorial with the pincurls in the back coming to the side. FAIL! It was looking all sloppy and scalpy. Maybe when my hair grows more….


  2. This is weird. When I try to post on your blog from my office computer it doesn’t seem to go through?

    anyway, I love this bun. It does seem easy enough too. I’m going to try it. Your last tutorial with the pin curls didn’t turn out so good 😦


    • I just figured out what happened. Your e-mails from your office computer were getting sent to my spam mailbox. That happened with your very first message as well and I had to indicate it wasn’t spam.

      As to henna relaxing your waves, good for you that it’s only temporary! It’s permanent on my curls, for some reason! That’s why I only do the roots now for 2 applications. That has definitely helped. I was going crazy with the henna last year=). I loved it and it was too late that I realized that too many layers of it was weighing down my curls. But, I think I have it down now=)! I do a full strength on my roots and, when I feel like it or get around to it, do a gloss on my length to “refresh.”


    • Figures (re: job). I thougth they just blocked it out.

      So, I tried to do the tutorial and the pin ups looked so sloppy. They were all crooked lol. I had loose hairs and everything. The twists also come out really thin. Any suggestions for how to bulk them up (0ther than fake hair)

      I think it’s because I have all the different hair lengths which brings me to my next post on GOC. the big chop. What do you think? Should I chop off all my long hair at the bottom so that it grows with the hair that broke and is shorter than the rest? or should I just let the other hair catch up?


      • How was your hair before you started the style? Was this before or after the bantu knot out? I’d suggest really finger combing the ends that you are going to twists so that it got as fluffy as possible. Then, twists the sections loosely so they maintain some poof. Then pin curl and keep the pin curls loose and big.


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