Dabur Vatika Hair Fall Control Cream Review


I am a heavy shedder, but felt that I was losing more hair than normal over the last year. So, I’ve been looking for solutions for the last several months. About two months ago, I was at my local Indian grocer for some Dulhan Henna. Now, as you may or may not know, I’m a PJ. So, being in the Indian grocery hair aisle is like little PJ heaven. I start reading the bottles and boxes looking for my next fix. Then, I saw this Dabur Vatika Naturals Hair Fall Control Styling Hair Cream for $5.99. It claimed to help reduce “hair fall,” or shedding as we locals call it;-).Ingredients: EVOO, cactus extract, D-Panthenol and perfume (It’s the cactus extract that is supposed to reduce hair fall.) … “Okay, okay. Not bad, not bad.” As I’m a PJ and a fan of Vatika oil, this was a no-brainer.

The instructions indicate that it should be used to coat the hair from root to tip 15 minutes prior to washing. It also states that a small amount should be used on hair after washing. I’ve been using this cream for about two months now as a pre-poo in place of Vatika oil. I generally separate my hair into four sections, coat each section with the cream (more like saturate) while gently and lightly finger detangling, then twist each section, don a plastic baggie and a winter hat and either hit the sack or the basement for a workout.

Both the bed and the exercise provide a nice, little heated pre-poo=). Anywhere from an hour or a day after I pre-poo, I shampoo, condition to fully finger detangle and then DC. My initial impression of the cream was that it provided tons of slip, seemed to encourage wave/curl, but made my hair feel a little “hard” when I saturated it with water for a co-wash. However, the hard may have been a good thing in that henna/protein strengthening way. My hair didn’t feel dry or brittle, just harder. And, as soon as I put on conditioner, it softened. The second time I used it, I slept in it overnight and then bunned my hair for the day as I didn’t have time to wash it. When I got home at the end of the day and took the bun down, the cream had soaked into my hair and it wasn’t at all greasy. My waves/curls were sooo enhanced, a very desired effect as henna has loosened my curls and I want them back (another post for another day;). I’ve used the cream about four or five times now with consistent results and purchased two more jars of it on my last trip to the Indian grocer. However, in regard to the shedding control claim, I didn’t notice any appreciable reduction from using this product. So, I give this a thumbs up as a moisturizing pre-poo that provides nice slip for “dry” detangling, but a “meh” as a “hair fall” control cream. Stay tuned for my Shedding post later this week to find out what finally did work for me!


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    • Hi Krystal!! No apologies necessary!! I know, it can be very overwhelming at first! PJ = Product Junkie and TnC = Twist and Curl=). I have a Lexicon under the “Home” tab with many of the abbreviations that are used on the natural hair sites, including these two=). CurlyNikki also has a term guide under the “Basics” tab on her site. Most sites tend to use the same abbreviations. Hope that helps!


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