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Hi guys,

Since I’m just starting this blogging thing, I want to know what all of you would enjoy.  My Grow Out Challenge (GOC) blog has a specific focus.  But, I think this blog should be more encompassing.  I have some thoughts about the type of content I’d like to present, as well as the format, but want your opinions on a few things.  So, I’m going to take a shot at creating my first poll!!

Would you please participate?  Thank you!!!

I’m sure I’ll have more questions and polls later, but figure this is enough with which to start!  Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please write them in the comments!  I want this to be helpful and not just about my ramblings … and believe you me, I can ramble (as I’m sure several of my friends on here will attest=)!!  Thank you to all who participate. I really, really, REALLY appreciate it=)!

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  1. “Much of the satisfying work of life
    begins as an experiment;
    no experiment is ever quite a failure.”
    Shelli God is walking with you!
    My frieds are excited and I’m so happy for you-!


  2. Great blog! Can you write more about your henna experience? Your comment on my GOC post about henna travails really helped me. I love your avatar pic as it shows your henna’s roots. I’m still feeling a little self-conscious about mine because the color is sooo different from the rest of my hair. Why did you decide to just go with it and not do an indigo treatment over it?


    • Thank you so much!! I’m going to do a post on my henna routine soon! But, I’ll answer your question about my red grey hair=). I tried blondish highlights in my 20s and they ravaged my hair (tried them on both relaxed and natural hair, just caused my hair to break). So, I didn’t get them redone, but I used this xTreme effects red hair color to get them the same color as henna makes my grey now! I loved those red streaks, but, alas, when the bleached strands grew out and were chopped off, no more red. So, when I started using henna and started seeing those little flashes of red again, I loved it. keep saying that I can’t wait for the full strands to be these fiery red streaks through the length of my hair. The thing is, I get a really deep red on my grey after 2 or 3 apps. It doesn’t stay orange or coppery. If it did, I don’t think I would like that. But I love the deep, rosy red. I actually do use indigo on the back half of my head though. I do a two step henna/indigo in the back because the grey is more patchy in the back, whereas I have a definite white streak in the front.


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