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Cornrowed Updo (Another Two-in-One!)


This is a style that I got from Catrina on CurlyNikki.com (excuse my hair pins;-). She also has a fantastic Fotki album that is chock full of different cornrow styles from which one can obtain inspiration!  Here are pics of the style on my hair and her youtube video for demonstrating the braid placement.

After about a week, week and a half of wearing this style, the braids were getting a little rough, but I wasn’t ready to redo my hair.  So, I took a fake curly ponytail and made a bun.  First, I took down the pinned up braids and braided them together in an upside down french braid (up from my nape towards my crown). I think made the ends of the braids into a bun. Then, I took the fake curly ponytail and broke up the curls with a lot of brushing and my fingers so it wasn’t all slick, shiny, perfect and fake-looking=).  I then placed the drawstring pony around my braided bun, tightened and secured it. Then, I wrapped the hair into a loose bun just like I do with my own hair and pinned it with some bobby pins. I then popped on a headband. So, just a little way to mask old cornrows and get a few additional days out of a style=).



What do you want to read and see?



Hi guys,

Since I’m just starting this blogging thing, I want to know what all of you would enjoy.  My Grow Out Challenge (GOC) blog has a specific focus.  But, I think this blog should be more encompassing.  I have some thoughts about the type of content I’d like to present, as well as the format, but want your opinions on a few things.  So, I’m going to take a shot at creating my first poll!!

Would you please participate?  Thank you!!!

I’m sure I’ll have more questions and polls later, but figure this is enough with which to start!  Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please write them in the comments!  I want this to be helpful and not just about my ramblings … and believe you me, I can ramble (as I’m sure several of my friends on here will attest=)!!  Thank you to all who participate. I really, really, REALLY appreciate it=)!