The Banana Clip: Who Knew?!

So, I was reminded of the banana clip by Kim of Kimmaytube.  She used it to secure her twists.  I picked up a pack of three from Sally’s a few months ago to use with my twists.  That worked out fine.  Buuuuuut, liked it even more for these styles. My hair is stretched with a TnC (twist and curl) first.  In the first two pics, I left the front section of my hair out of the banana clip. The remainder of my hair was secured in the banana clip.  Then, I just pin-curled about inch wide sections with bobby pins. This lasted about three days, I guess.Then, on day four, I released all of the pin curls and released the banana clip.  I put the banana clip back in securing allof my hair in it this time.  I used a couple of bobby pins to keep the front hair directed to the middle and longer pieces secured along the banana clip to create the appearance of the “hawk.” I enjoyed this style.  Got called Rihanna (in a good way;) a few times at work and received several compliments=).

The banana clip is also great for creating a massive, messy bun as it creates a wide base/foundation around which to loosely wrap the hair.  For me, it’s great because I have fine hair, so it allows me to make my hair look thicker with a more voluminous bun.  Also, it doesn’t snag or pull any hair like a scrunchie (even satin) or hair elastic does.  I tend not to pull out any hair releasing the banana clip whereas a scrunchie always has a few shed strands wrapped around it when I take it out of my hair.

1 banana clip. 3 modern styles.  Who knew?!?!


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  1. You have the most creative protective styles. I have a few banana clips and would have never thought to use them this way. I will be trying to play with this over the weekend.


  2. I absolutely love your hair! You come up with great styles. I still have to work on the TnC (took me a while to figure out what that was when I first started reading. LOL). Do you have a post where you describe how you do it?


  3. Very cute! Love the bun and flower! Please show me/direct me how to make them and can you PLEASE do a tutorial on how you pull your hair up in the banana clip. My hair is not as long as yours but I would like a thick bun.


    • Hi Keisha! Thank you! There are tutorials for both and I did the banana clip bun tutorial specifically due to your earlier request (your name is in the post! *lol*). If you click the youtube link on the right side under “My Other Sites,” you’ll find my video tutorial for making a big bun using a banana clip (it’s also in a post under “Style Tutorials>Updos.” And, if you look under the “Reviews>Accessories and Tools,” you’ll find a step by step picture tutorial for making your own hair flowers. Enjoy and thanks for visiting and commenting=)!!


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