Shea Moisture Raw Shea Deep Treatment Masque Review


This is a combo of two posts I did regarding the SM Deep Treatment Masque.   The first was after using the Masque for the first time. The second was after using it as a post henna DC.


posted on May 14, 2011

 I used the Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque (wow, that’s a mouthful) as my deep conditioner (DC) last night. I pre-pood and detangled with the Dabur Vatika Hair Fall Control Styling Cream first, but this time for only 10-15 minutes (I was SATURATED from hot yoga and couldn’t wait to get in the shower). Then, I diluted some Ion Curl Defining Shampoo with water in a dye bottle and shampooed. Used Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (HEHH) to finger detangle further, rinsed and then applied the SM Deep Treatment Masque. The Masque is very thick and buttery with little to no slip, which is very different from my standard DCs. I put my hair in 4 twists, donned a plastic cap and my winter hat and went to bed=). Rinsed in the morning with cold water after first applying some diluted Aussie Moist directly on top of the DC. My hair looked a little curlier than it’s been as of late and had this nice sheen! I was doubtful about the SM DTM because my hair isn’t too particular about shea butter. I tried using shea butter to seal last year and wasn’t impressed.  That’s why I started using Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). But, I think this DC may be a keeper. I’ll reserve final judgment until a few more uses as the SLS shampoo may have had something to do with the enhanced curls and shine (i.e. clarified my hair). However, my hair didn’t feel stripped and was moisturized, so I think the conditioner was responsible for that. (6/12/11 UPDATE:  I have used the Masque four times now and it is still giving me results consistent with the first use. Therefore, I will definitely repurchase and include it in my DC rotation.)I also tried Giovanni Direct Leave-In in my Kimmaytube leave-in for the first time. Seemed comparable to the Kinky Curly Knot Today (KCKT). So, definitely think I can use either or. Did a WnG this morning, but then put in some twists when I got home tonight.


posted on May 31, 2011

I used the Shea Moisture Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque as my post-henna deep treatment for the first time. The thing about this DC is that it is NOT AT ALL slippery. It’s very heavy and buttery. So, after a henna treatment, it probably isn’t the best choice and I wouldn’t use it for that purpose again. I always apply a diluted, slippery conditioner (usually Aussie Moist) on top of my deep treatment before rinsing it all out. Yesterday was no different. So, that did help create some slip as did my Kimmaytube leave-in (which I changed slightly by only adding 1 tsp each of JBCO and jojoba oil, instead of the normal 2; think my hair is too fine for so much oil as it weighs it down and I want volume DANGIT:)!!). However, my hair still felt rougher and more tangly than normal. So, again, won’t be using the Masque post-henna again as I had to get the wide-tooth comb to detangle when I usually just use my fingers. That being said, I still like the product, it just has to know its place;). In the future, I will go back to using either JessiCurl Weekly Deep Treatment or Darcy’s Botanical Pumpkin Seed Curl Moisturizing Conditioner for my post-henna DC.

(Pre-henna/indigo roots)

(Naked wet hair after rinsing henna/indigo and DC.)


Question:  Would you all want to see/read a post about my henna regimen?  It’ll probably be another few weeks before I do another treatment, but I could take photos and explain the process if you would like.  Mind you, my routine essentially mimics CurlyNikki’s except I only do my roots now as the build up of too many layers of henna loosens my curls significantly.  Last year, when I first started using henna, I was doing full head applications frequently (weekly or bi-weekly) because Nikki indicated the benefits were cumulative (the more applications, the thicker, shinier, smoother and stronger the hair becomes).  This was true, but my hair is fine, so the henna also loosened my curls significantly, which was a result I was not seeking.  And, amla was not an option as I experienced significant scalp irritation and, I think, it caused excessive shedding for months.  Therefore, in December or January I started applying henna to only my roots and “glossing” the ends. Here you can see the difference in the curls on the top part of my head and the waves on the lower.

Well now, you’re probably like, “Why bother with doing a henna post, you told us everything now!”  *LOL*

Thanks for reading!!


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  1. That’s great to hear! I also purchased the Sheamoisture Deep Treatment masque and I use it as a styler along with Carol’s Daughter Mimosa hair honey (love, love, LOVE THIS STUFF!). It leaves my hair very soft and moisturized and with a slight hold. Those two are my holy grail products. The shampoo works well for my 4a-b hair, but my hair likes cones, so last night I shampooed my hair with Tresemme Shampoo and conditioner, both for dry hair. I put small two-strand twists in my hair this afternoon, and all can say is WOW! I will definitely re-purchase as well.


  2. My hair absolutely hated the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask. I thought it was just my hair texture that it wasn’t good for, but I’ve heard other people with different textures not like it as well. My hair was extremely tangled. I think I gave it two fair chances and got the same results. I’m ready to give the jar away. Love your blog by the way. I’ve been following you since “Waist length or Bust” I’m transitioning and your hair texture looked the closest to mine that I could find.


    • Hi Rece! Nice to meet you=)! Are you blogging on the GOC too? Thank you so much for the compliment regarding my blog! It’s gotten late, but I quickly looked at your blog and can’t wait to get back to read more about your transitioning story!! As to the SM Masque, awwww. That sucks. As I stated, I was surprised that it worked for me. But, I’ll tell you this, I always apply a diluted daily conditioner over my deep conditioners. I think that’s what keeps my hair slippery when rinsing the Masque. Okay, it has gotten way past my bedtime and I have a long drive to my field office tomorrow. But, can’t wait to read more of your journey! Thanks for checking me out on here!


  3. You know, I’ve seen a few people talk about using it as a styler, but I haven’t tried that yet. I’ve been a little hesitant about it. But, the other person is a fine curly and she really likes it that way, so I just may give it a try too. I have put it on the ends of my twists as a moisturizer and then added a little JBCO to seal. But that’s it. Thanks for response!!


  4. I have henna’ed my hair three times to hide my gray strands. I’ve never tried the indigo, though. Does the indigo make your hair turn black? Where can I purchase the indigo?


    • Yes, indigo will make your hair black if you do a two step henna/indigo process (henna first, rinse, then apply indigo for an hour or two). If you just want a darker auburn, dark brown, or soft black, you can mix indigo with henna (after the henna has dye released and right before application). The henna to indigo ratio determines the shade. I can’t find indigo on the ground. I purchase mine from The site provides information on acheiving the desired shade and, if you order, instructions are also included with your shipment. Hope that helps!!


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