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As many of you know, in February 2013, I committed to working out for at least 10 minutes a day for 28 consecutive days (see why here). Upon successfully finishing my first 28 days, I decided to do it again … then again.

After working out a minimum of 10 minutes a day, every day, for 84 days, I realized that I wasn’t tired or burned out or anything. In fact, I felt great and I was making progress towards my goal weight, but I had not yet achieved it. I also wanted to break a cycle of falling off the wagon after 6 months of a consistent exercise routine and yo-yo weight gain/loss. So, I figured, “Why not turn my 28 Days of Fitness into 365 Days?” I love a challenge! Well, not all of them ;). But, having a goal (and a public one at that) always helps keep me on target. So, as of today I have worked out every day for 318 days, completed a 9 week C25K running program, ran a “Superhero 5K” that was my first straight 5K, completed the 12 week Strong Curves At-Home Bodyweight program, did a Warrior’s Dash and a Diva Dash (5K obstacles courses), participated in a Making Strides Walk, accomplished several yoga poses for the first time, reached my goal weight for my wedding, and worked out on my wedding day and every day of my 10 day honeymoon. Now, with less than 50 days to go, I am sooo close to the end game!!! And … it all started with a personal 28 Days/10 Minutes a Day Challenge.

Jan 2013Jan 2013

Day289Dec 2013

Now, although I wasn’t doing this with anyone or for anyone other than myself, I’ve been encouraged, supported, and cheered on by so many of you on the blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Some have told me they have been inspired to start their own fitness challenges due to my many workout posts (I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some IG followers due to all the boring, sweaty selfie posts though *LOL* ;)). I have received messages/comments from ladies telling me that they have started their own 28, 30, and, yes, 365 Day Fitness Challenges because of seeing my posts and consistency. To all who have liked or commented on even one status, please know that I appreciate you. Your support keeps the fire in my heart to get this done. I don’t want to let myself down, but I also feel a responsibility to reach this goal knowing that someone out there may be inspired/motivated by what I’m doing, even if it’s just to get that workout in that one night that they saw my post.

So, when a young lady named Jasmine on FB suggested that I start a 365 Day Fitness Challenge for the new year, it gave me pause. I mean, I’m not done my own challenge, so how could I start a new one? And, I thought, 365 days might be overwhelming and a lot to commit to doing for someone who is just trying to get off the couch or the person struggling with consistency. But, a 28 Day Challenge is so much more doable. I mean, it’s what I did when I started. So, I thought, that might be a more palatable goal and just the thing to get someone to give it a go. Plus, since I have 47 days to go, I’d be doing the 28 days too.

28 Days/10 Minutes a Day Fitness Challenge

Sunday, January 5th – Saturday February 1st

So this is for anyone who is up to it and willing to give just 10 minutes of their 24 hours each day to get active. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes??? I don’t think anyone can make an excuse to not give that much time to their health and well-being each day.

The physical activity can be ANYTHING! It can be walking, running, climbing stairs, aerobics, abs, yoga, pilates, stretching, weight training, kickboxing, calisthenics, jumping rope, bodyweight exercises, high intensity interval training (HIIT), kettlebell, hiking, roller skating, ice skating, skiing … ANYTHING. As long as its gets your body moving for 10 consecutive minutes, it counts!


  1. COMMENT below with your name, age, and how often/long your work out currently (ex. 3x a week, 30 min a day), as well as why you want to do this (e.g. improve health, lose weight, increase muscle, stress control, self-improvement, etc.). Please feel free to include anything else that you would like us to know.
  2. EXERCISE for at least 10 consecutive minutes every day for 28 days (see above for activities and/or check out my Health & Fitness posts under the Miscell. tab for various the routines, programs, and DVDs I use, if you need ideas!).
  3. UPDATE us with your progress on the 28 Day Fitness Challenge Weekly Update post that I will publish each Saturday through the challenge. List what you did and for how long each day in the comments ( (i.e. Days 1-7; Days 8-14, Days 15-21, Days 22-28). Don’t forget to include your name!
  4. TAG your workouts on IG/FB if you post there (we can only see public profiles): @hairscapades, #hairscapades and #28DaysofFitness!!

Progress: Jan 2013 - May 2013Progress: Jan 2013 – May 2013


  1. EXERCISE FIRST THING IN THE MORNING (or prior to work) – This has been so important as I am often so tired after a long day of work and lose motivation. I think many of us start the day with the best intention to work out (“TODAY, I’m going to start!!). But, by the end of the day, we are worn down and that motivation wanes and/or distractions arise. So, why not capitalize on that energized and focused feeling when it’s immediately present?
  2. EXERCISE AT HOME – With a few relatively budget-friendly purchases (i.e. kettlebells, hand weights, floor mat, exercise DVDs, a jump rope, a computer, internet and Youtube) and a little room, one can easily create a workout space at home. This is not only convenient, but a HUGE time saver (no packing and unpacking a gym bag, no time lost driving to and from the gym, no distractions due to conversations with others, etc.). And it also eliminates excuses (“It’s winter. It’s too cold. It’s too dark. There’s a blizzard out there.” ;)) when you don’t have to go anywhere but a room in  your own house to work-out!
  3. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MINIMUM – Some days, 10 minutes is all you have the time and/or energy to do. So, take advantage of it! I did!! That’s why it’s there!! Oftentimes the hardest part is getting started! Once you do that, you WILL feel like doing more some days! Trust me!!
  4. PUBLICIZE – Tell others what you are doing!! Tell your family, tell your friends, post it on your social media platforms. Post your workouts and see how much support you get and how you begin to inspire others!! Those cheers and encouraging words can be just the fuel you need to get that workout in that day when you aren’t feeling it.
  5. SET A GOAL – Set a physical/athletic goal like finishing a work-out program, running a 5K, getting that challenging yoga pose, losing a realistic amount of weight for an impending vacation, etc.

So, that’s it. Right now, there is no “grand prize” other than your own sense of accomplishment. That being said … I am trying to figure out what I can raffle away at the end of this by choosing a winner from the participants who complete the challenge. I have some hair products for sure, but was thinking that you guys might be more interested in a fitness related prize? Let me know your preference on that in the comment below too (i.e. hair or fitness product prize).

If you’re hemming and hawing, remember …




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    • Soooo I believe its time for me to et back into shape again!!! Ieve been playing structured basketball for a consecutive of 10 years. This is my first season of not playing basketball.My name is Jacquell Horn. I am currently A freshman in college. I am 17 years old. I am doing this challenge for a couple reasons mostly to get back in to shape, to have healthier habits, and to loose a few pounds gained over winter break!! I currently have not been working out for about 4 weeks and went on my first run for 30 minutes and I feel great. My goal is to by able to run about 7 to 10 mile by the end of the year! so bring on the 28 day challenge. Im so excited and kudosss to every out there giving it a try. Lets kick butt tomorrow!!!

      Running is Acceptable
      Sweating is Acceptable
      Pain is Acceptable
      Walking is Acceptable
      Crawling is Acceptable
      Quitting is not! -Author Unknown

    • Hi, I’m so in! My name is Jackie, 38, I work out on an average of once a week (not enough) for about an hour of Zumba or Spinning. My whole goal is to improve health, lose weight, increase muscle, stress control, self-improvement, etc. I just need a healthier life style.

    • i’m kionna and i’m 36. before the holidays (lol), i ran 25 minutes, three times a week. now that i’m going back to work and can run indoors again, i’m looking forward to running again. just started in october with a c25k app and i really want to run a 5k this year. i need to lose weight and inches. my kids are two years old and mommy needs to get it TIGHT. baby weight be gone!! thanks shelli for the challenge- ’bout to spend ten minutes climbing our stairs.

    • I will like to be a part of this challenge. I too have fallen off the exercise bandwagon many times. 10 minutes at home daily will help me reach my fitness goals.

    • Hello…. My name is Wanda and I’m in too! I’m 47 years-old and feeling like I’m 77! This is the year to take control of my health. I exercise sporadically (like once a month or so).

    • I started yesterday, with 15 minutes on the treadmill. Today, I did more than ten minutes as I shoveled snow for about 30 minutes to get my car out of the garage! We have about 10 inches in my area of Michigan. Yeah, my chest muscles hurt! I’m 46 years young, my name is TJ, and I have not been regularly exercising because I have been sick. I weigh about 140 lbs.

  1. Soooo I’ve fallen so far off the fitness wagon it’s pathetic. The holidays did me in. I was on vacation for 3 weeks. I ate all 3 weeks and didn’t work out. I was spiraling out of control from the time my son went into the hospital the week before Thanksgiving. At any rate, I’m in. Gotta start…..again…somewhere.

    You probably know all the deets but:

    Michelle, 44 (I’ll be 45 in 13 days! I can’t believe it)
    Well, I was working out 60 mins a day 5 days a week but that became non-existent almost 2 months ago so I’m trying to get it back

    I want to do this not just to lose weight but I need to be healthy for my son. He’s getting bigger and even more difficult to lift. I need to be here for him.

  2. I am so on board for this! Are we starting in Feb? I want to do it to be healthy, Not tired all the time, and strength. I have knee issues so getting some weight off is important for me. i have a 10 min dvd with 5 workouts I just havent touched it so I have the tools now I just need the support and motivation i am all for it Shelli!

  3. Christa M., 29, Have been exercising 4x a week for the past 2 weeks, 30 min a day. I want to do this to challenge myself and to increase muscle. Earlier today, while looking at your FB page, I committed myself to a 30 day challenge. So I was so I surprised to see this post. It’s just more encouragement to get through it. Good luck on the remainder of your days.

  4. I’m in. I currently workout out 5 days a week. I do weights and cardio on 4 days and 45 mins of cardio on Wednesdays. I will be 44 next month and need to kick it up a notch, along with getting my eating under control (biggest problem really). I would like to lose about 8 pounds by this time next month, but I plan on taking pics and measurements because I know that scale can be iffy sometimes!!

  5. Felicitaciones por tan maravilloso programa de entrenamiento, deseo participar en él, pero no hablo inglés.
    Gracias mil.

  6. My name is Martha. I am 39 years old. As of today, I do not work out. I have lost motivation. My need to lose weight and to have better health is why I need to do this challenge. It’s not fun to remember what I use to look like or how I use to feel. Not good, at all. I have two small children, ages four and five. I want to be as active as I can be with them. They deserve it and so do I. My goal is to run a half marathon next year. I know I can do it! Follow me on Instagram as i post progress, amaizingbluebaby@gmail.com. list yours and I will support you too!

  7. I am going for it. I am so tired of looking in the mirror and hating what I see. It’s time for me to love me for a change and I want to not feel intimidated by anyone else small waist line. ALL in and thanks for your help and support. I will be 43 this year and it’s about time for a change. Thank You

  8. I’m so in u inspired me to do my own 365 fitness challenge so why not do this!!!!
    23 7x 30mins
    I wanna do this for weight loss, health, and physical fitness.

  9. I’m in. 33 yrs old. Typical week I work out 5 days a week for 45 minutes. I want to reduce my percent body fat by 3%. I think it’s doable. I’m actually going for the full 365 days :-)

  10. I’m 45 and I’ve been a yo-yo exercise for years. I’m all in!! I want to be in good shape. Not just “good for my age”.

  11. Hello! My name is Stacie and I am 36. I workout so inconsistently that I can’t come up with a frequency. I want to work out for all the reasons listed but I mainly want to prove to myself that I can finish what I start.

  12. Shanta Ferguson
    I workout 5 days a week for an hour a day. My goal is to lose weight and tone up my body from the weight loss. I want to have a flat stomach and I wasn’t the flab in my legs and arms to be toned. I previously loss 50 pounds on weight watchers. I am currently still doing the program.

  13. Hi! I’m Katrina, 20 years old. It’ll be 3 weeks on Tuesday that I’ve been working out 30-45 min., 6 days a week. I need to lose weight and I want to tone up! This will be the third challenge I’ll be joining but luckily this one will be easy to incorporate.

  14. April D – 28y.o.
    Current fitness sporadic at best.
    Goal: lose weight, create healthy long term eating habits, feel better about physical appearance & jump start plan to look great for one year anniversary since I was a fat bride
    Add’l: I’ll be posting 1 pic/day all 28 days so I have accountability & this time I’ll post before pics/ measurements on FB & IG. Plus my hubby & I have committed to a month of no fast food or takeout of any kind which basically equals no food I didn’t cook :-) Yeah challenge!

  15. hi am lonje, 29 years old. I exercise 5 to 6 days a week for at least 45 minutes. My goal is be toned and ripped abs and body

  16. Hi I’m Rae, I’m 40 yrs-old, and I really haven’t worked out on a regular basis in about 3 years :/ . I’ve gained over 30 lbs in 3 years and I MUST get it off…..and then some. I want to participate in your 28 day challenge to help get me motivated & started on a healthy lifestyle change. :)

  17. I DEFINITELY need to do this challenge! I probably haven’t really worked out in almost 2 months now. I’m 32, and I think everything you listed above are reasons I need to do this. I got in the best shape of my life by doing boxing in 2012, but allowed life and work to take that away from me in 2013. I’m ready to take back my body and my fitness in 2014! Hopefully, this will help push me to do just that! Now…off to buy a jump rope this weekend and back to boxing starting Sunday! :)
    Thanks for this Shelli!

  18. I’m doing it! This challenge ends 2 days before my birthday and I started this year off only eating veggies, fish and chicken…although chicken these days seem to be horrid. It was an organic chicken though (smiles). I need to do this for myself because stress, work, and backaches is a mug. You look great by the way!

  19. Hello and I’M IN!! My name is Tamika and I’m 40 y.o. I don’t have a regular workout schedule and haven’t had a regular routine in months. I want to do this to improve health as well as setting a goal for myself and sticking to it. I am also challenging my sister’s as well so we can be each other’s motivation. I’m on Facebook as Meeka Brown. Ready for a BETTER me in 2014!

  20. Almost forgot:
    Age 34
    Weight- between 135-145
    Height- 5’5″
    Inches around my breast- 40″
    Inches around my belly *sigh*- 36.5 ”
    Current situation- I dance to my music using my stomach muscles every blue moon…..less since I started working. But, I do walk all day at work (hospital). I think this is what has allowed me to keep from gaining extra weight/inches in my midsection. Crazy thing is, I never gained no more than 130 pounds when I as 30. I stayed active with my children when they were younger and we lived in military world. Civilian life is much different and the stress is all but too real!

  21. Hello ,
    My name is Grace, 40 years of age and mother of 2.

    My goal is to lift my butt to where it used to be, lol.

    I dont work out at all, so it’s going to be a real challenge for me.

  22. Hi!

    My name is Atiya, I’m 30 yrs old and I currently work out 4x a week for 30-45 minutes. I’m also training for my first half marathon in April, so I’ll be running a lot more these next few weeks. I feel like I’m at a comfortable weight, but I need to tone up!

  23. I am 42 and currently do not work out at all. I’m doing the 28 day challenge to prove to myself that I can do it. I also want to be healthy and active enough to keep up with my 11 year old son. I have roller coaster dieted for so long, I’m sick of it. I’m committing to a lifestyle change starting with this challenge.

  24. My name is Kim better know as Nanabella by my grandson. I am 56 soon to be 57. I want this to be my best year ever physically. I want to be physically fit as well as lose a few pounds and gain muscle. I am committing to the 28 day challenge. Currently my exercise is only 2-3 days a week, 1 day is for about an hour, then other days only about 10 minutes. I dance, do exercises for my knees and Zumba. However, my eating has be horrendous. I need to work on self control.

  25. My name is Robin, and I am 51 years old. Up until 2 months ago, I was working out consistently for 5 – 6 days per week. Since I stopped, I put on 11 lbs. My goal in 28 days is to lose at least 8 lbs, and continue with the challenge until I lose the remaining 3 lbs. I also want to tone, and improve strength. I will be working out from home doing Les Mills body pump DVD, treadmill, plus various other strength and aerobic DVDs. I will also keep a food journal. My progress will be posted weekly. Another goal is to do a 5k, and a Warrior Dash this spring or summer. It would be great if the participants of your 28 day challenge who live in the NY/NJ area, get together and do that as well.

    Good luck everyone!

  26. I’m definitely in. I was starting my own 365 days of fitness this year and this will be perfect to get me started.
    I am 15
    I usually workout 4-6times a week but fall off for whole weeks at a time.
    Why: I want to do this because I want my body and things I’m starting to be able to do (run faster, lift more) to be reflected in how I look. I want to get stronger and look better

  27. Im in! I don’t excercise at all right now and I’m not happy about that. I know about all the benefits but still I sit on my bum :(
    I have 3 young boys and its hard to do anything with them but I think I can manage 10 minutes a day. Thanks for doing this I’m actually looking forward to it very much

  28. I’m in! NancyM; 45; I currently work out 4x a week for 1-2 hours.

    I want to continue to improve my health and get more toned/lean. I usually work out in the evenings, but I think I can squeeze in 10 minutes each morning.

  29. Name Dana. Currently I do not work out. My goal is improved health, increase muscle tone, stress etc. But i want a healthier lifestyle. I have been following your #365fitness and you have been a great inspiration. I am a single mom but me and my health deserves at least 10 mins a day.

    Thanks so much for starting this challenge

  30. I’m in! Thanks for hosting this challenge. My name is Jennifer, age 42. I currently do a boot camp workout twice per week (45 mins each) and a dance class once per week (90 mins). My goal is to lose weight and improve my cardiovascular health and flexibility.

  31. My name is Nia. I am 33. I currently walk 2 15 trips from my car to my office five days a week and dance and run around with my two boys. That’s nice but not enough. I want to improve my health and energy level, be fit and toned and help reduce the risk of illnesses. I think I will reward myself with a save your do wrap or a kettle bell. Both would make great prizes too.

  32. Hi, I’m Ilka, from Panama (the country), I always read your blog but never comment. I’m a 33 yrs old interpreter and soon to be English teacher. Recently after my newborn baby passed away I’ve been inspired to do a lot of things, tried working out but fell off, way off. I’m taking the challenge, I don’t need to lose weight, I actually want to gain but I have awful eating habits so I need a change of lifestyle!

    Long story short… I’m in! LOL

  33. My name is Courtney and I have not exercised in ages. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been using it as an excuse – even though my rheumatologist has been BEGGING me to exercise. How can I not find just 10 minutes? Plus, I have gained so much weight after a stressful couple of years.

    Your stomach will be my inspiration!!

  34. My name is Shlonda and I am 41. I used to be really consistent and have fallen off and picked up weight in the process. I would like to lose about 20 lbs,tone and strengthen. I plan on using my Tae Bo tapes as well as work out with hangtightwmarc.

  35. Name:Aminat
    Was Working out regularly but have fallen off completely
    I want to do this to lose weight,stress control,improve the flexibility in my knees/wrist and improve my self image. 10 minutes a day is definitely an amount of time I can do. No excuses !!

  36. Hi! My name is Giselle. I’m 43 years old. (Can’t believe I typed my age…now its time to say it out loud!) Two weeks ago I exercised six days a week for 30 minutes to one hour. Then my birthday came around, then Christmas, then New Year’s Eve, so yeah I need this to get back on track. I would like to lose the last few pounds of baby fat around my mid-section and for overall good health. Can I really call it baby fat when my son is 10 years old? LOL just thinking out loud.

  37. Ok Ms. Shelli I am IN! I have been on a bad food binge since Thanksgiving and NO END in sight. Additionally my workout clothes and gear have cob-webs on them. Age: Nuh Ugh and Activity Level: I have perfected the couch potatoe pose. #LetsGo

  38. Hi, I’m Samantha and I was exercising 5 days a week for 30-60 mins until December hit, then I just got out of hand. I am 32 years old and ready to go! I am one of those you have inspired throughout your journey. I actually completed a 30 day challenge last spring because of you! I am so ready for this!

  39. Brittany
    25 years old
    Currently my exercise routine is non-existent *big sad face*
    I want to do this challenge in order to begin living the healthy lifestyle I wish to have (and to get this belly down lol). I also have high blood pressure and need to get back to 120lbs,my pre-hbp weight, in hopes that it too will decrease.
    January 5th will mark 4 years since I became a pescetarian so this will be a great day to start exercising again.

  40. My name is Shavonne, I’m 39 years old. I’m normally consistent with workouts but have fallen off in the last few months. I’d love to be fit and fab by my 40th birthday in August so this will challenge will be a great start for me.

  41. Name: Kelli
    Legal age: 34
    How I feel age: 25 ;-)
    Workout regimen: appox. 3X/ week ~50-60 mins. I’m in “decent shape” but nothing beats self-improvement!
    Family status: married with three kids, so yeah, time is always of the essence :)
    Profession: Biology professor, yet another time consuming habit!
    Reason for engaging in challenge: to improve my self disapline towards myself! I’m extremely disaplined, responsible and reliable to others in my life, but I don’t actively practice that same consistency for myself. I aim to prove to”myself” that I am important enough and loved enough, by me, to keep commitments to myself!
    Good luck everybody and let’s have some fun!

  42. Wanda
    44 years young

    I haven’t had a consistent exercise routine for 4 years and it shows in my appearance and overall health. My goal for the challenge is to lose weight and lower my blood pressure.

  43. Trina
    I do not workout
    I all ways say i am going to start ________. but i don’t so why not now and my best friend Texas said she will do it with me.

  44. I’m in! Here’s my stats:
    35 (I feel 25!)
    Medical Scientist
    Engaged with one son and looking to have more after the wedding.
    I don’t workout but really want to and wasn’t sure of the best way to get started. My goal for the challenge is to incorporate a new, healthier lifestyle and lose weight.
    Good Luck everyone!

  45. Count me in! I’m Nolee and I’m 21 (going on 22 in March). I workout right now 0% of the time (does walking around campus count? lol). Anyways, after having surgery on my Achilles Tendon in June 2012, I was put on bed rest for about 2 months. During that time I gained about 10-15lbs. After going to physically therapy and having to do cardio and strength training there, I decided to do Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred (took me a little longer than 30 days) and I lost all the weight I gained by November 2012. Since then I’ve been on and off with exercising, even ordering many exercise DVDs. Also, I have fell off the wagon with clean eating and that was my strongest point. Anyway, I’ve maintained my weight since 30DS, but I’d like to lose some more fat and increase muscle. I don’t particularly look at the scale, but I go based on how I look and how my clothes fit. And most importantly I’d like improve my overall health and well being. Good luck everyone!

  46. I’m so in, this is gonna be fun :) My name is Claudia I’m 27 years young lol. I try to exercise as much as possible but after 2-3 weeks of going hard I get knee pain or abs pain and then I stop for like a month (I believe is being lazy sometimes). My hubby bough me a treadmill for Christmas (He gets worried when I run on the streets) hopefully that will boost me more. I wanna do this to improve my health (knees pains) lose weight (after I got pregnant in 2007 I got thyroid, was never able to get rid of the excess weight, until 2013 NO MORE THYROID :D lost 15 pound last year, hopefully this year I can loose another 15 or 20 lbs, my focus is mostly my belly area, and get my legs a lil more tone). Can you please create a group on Facebook for this event? Thanks for doing this challenge.
    P.S. : Congratulations on wedding :)

  47. Hi. My name is Pam and I’m 47 years old. Currently working out maybe 1-2 times per week. Want to lose some weight and improve level of fitness. Think this challenge is the motivation that I need!

  48. Im I n cuz……im a 34 year old female. Starting weight 145 and I’m 5’4. I have 238 days left beforemy wedding date and I definitely need to tone and loose about 10 lbs or more….

  49. My name is Chakayla and I am 22 years old! I just had a baby about 8 weeks ago and it is time to burn fat and tone up so I can lead a healthy lifestyle for myself and for my son! I am currently not on a strict exercise plan, so I am up for this challenge!

  50. Name: Jessica but most people call me Jay-D
    Age: 23 (I’ll be 24 before the challenge is over)
    How often/long I work out currently: not at all
    Why you want to do this: I want to lose weight and get back into the shape I was in when I played spots in High School.

  51. Wow!!! So many ladies participating!!! That is awesome!!!! And, there is such diversity in age, circumstances, and current activity levels! That is great as it shows we can do this at any stage/place in life!!! Let’s go!!

  52. Hi Shelli & All!

    I’m Jovette :) I’m 35 (just turned at the end of December. Woot! Woot!). I typically work out 2 days a week (a Zumba-esque exercise class) but slacked off big time w/ the holidays. I’m joining the challenge to become consistent w/ my workout routine, to workout more often, and most importantly to lose weight & improve some health issues. And I want to wear a bathing suit this summer & not fake confidence wearing it.

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  54. Hi. My name is Heather and recently turned 42 years old. Before November I worked out 5 days a week on an effort to lose weight. Since then I have gained the weight and the inches I lost. I am participating because I like the accountability aspect of the challenge. My life up until now has been a battle to lose weight. I am 50 lbs less than my heaviest weight yet I would like to lose about 50 or 60 more. I am not unrealistic just searching for my determination again and believing that this will help me.

  55. Hi Shelli! My name is Teri, I’m 38 years old and I’m doing this challenge to help me get started living a healthier lifestyle. I have a 16 month old and I need to get back in shape and gain energy so I can keep up with her. I hate to admit it but I haven’t worked out in forever. For now I plan on doing a combo of walking and doing exercise videos I have at home. Good luck to all the ladies out there! And Shelli you have been a big inspiration! Thank You!!!

  56. Name: Weusi
    Age: 43
    Codename: Superdude

    I currently workout so sporadically and randomly that it’s not worth detailing. I have been a supporter of MY WIFE’S #365daysoffitness challenge but feel hypocritical because I talk about us being happy, healthy honeymooners forever but haven’t been doing the exercise to make it a reality. I really want us to enjoy each other for as long as we can. (I LOVE her … a lot-a lot-a lot!)

    In terms of goals/outcomes … I want to run a 5k or 2 as well as do a obstacle course as well. I also want to develop some muscle mass … so … I’ll add some light weight training. I will update you once a week with my progress and my weekly motivational tunes. #GottaKeepItFun #music #CommunityAccountability

    I’m in … going to do my 10 minutes now!


  57. To see all the women here is super encouraging!! My name is Donna, I’m 47 years old and before the holidays I worked out from 3-5 days a week. I want to improve my health first and foremost and with that of course comes weight loss and toning up. With this I hope to gain consistency because sometimes I just dread working out! LOL!!! Sooo very grateful to you Shelli for posting your workouts because it is truly motivating!! Good luck to everyone!! We are gonna rock this challenge!!!

  58. Hello, ladies!!! My name is Nakita, I’m a 34yr old, mother of 3. I have always been, petite but with muscle” in certain places”, lol. As a teen & even an young adult, i was active, with walking, running, & working out. Well the comfort of having my own vehicle= not wanting to walk… After the birth of my second child, working out was just not an option :( .I braid hair, very time, consuming.. 3rd child is 6 now.. wtbs NO MORE EXCUSES FOR ME. Everything needs to be toned, lifted, & tucked NATURALLY. NO weight lose, actually want to gain about 4 or 5 pnds.. Weight now 135 5″5″ in height.. So I’m all in my friends.. Let’s get it Shellie.. Congrats again, on everything you’ve concurred..

  59. Hello, my name is Stacey (Stacey Facey on fb) and I don’t work out at all currently. I would like to improve my health and lose weight!

  60. Hi I’m Kenya. I will be 37 in March! I stopped cheerleading in high school and my thighs spread! I got over it quickly when I joined a sorority and became a member of the step team. Thighs went back down. All was cute in my world!

    Then I stopped everything except eating. And boy does it show! I got married to a man from Louisiana and he loves to cook. And I love to taste it! We’ve committed to making our lifestyle healthier this year as my clock is ticking and we would like children!

    I’ve wanted to become a runner since forever but never had the gumption. Today I commit to working out 10 mins a day and working toward running a race. Don’t know when, but definitely by writing this down it’s more than a dre in my head!

  61. Hey!! I’m Phyllis, 46 and I follow you on Instagram and you inspired me with the 365 days of fitness so I’m starting day 5 of working out. High blood pressure, overweight and lazy are my reasons for joining you on this challenge. Oh and my doctor will be very happy too!

  62. I’ve decided to take the plunge. I’m Leah, and I’m 45 (I can hardly believe that I’m “saying” that part out loud). Currently I work out about 4 to 5 times a month about an hour.i tried working out with my hubby last year, but we are not a good influence on each other. Just looking to get aback on the bandwagon, and hoping to tighten up while I’m at it.

  63. Hey this sounds great Im 33 years old My name is Daphnee Demas I usually workout about 6 times per week but its hard to get motivation when your a full time student and work and have a family to tend to..so I going to give this challenge a try!!!

  64. Hi I’m Laurie! Time to get healthy, eat right and get moving; no Excuses! Drop the weight and lose the medication. I accept the challenge. Weight loss goal 30 pounds. currently doing very little exercise. Thanks for putting it out there….. See you in 28 :)

  65. I’m 35 I currently do Hip Hop Abs and run at least 2xs a week. I was a cheerleader in high school and college. I was still in good shape a fee year after but once I got married and had my second child everything went down hill. Even after my third child I went back to my second child weight but not my first baby weight. I want to do this challenge to finish a workout DVD, loose weight and just look AMAZING in jeans.

  66. Hey its me Jasmine! Lol! So glad you are doing this. I need this challenge. I have fallen off of my healthy lifestyle.terrible gaining over 20lbs in 2013! Smh, smh. Right now, my exercise level is pretty sedentary and is just now picking up. I want to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin again, to feel healthy, and gain more energy. I don’t need perfection, but I need to be strong and in better cardiovascular health. So excited! Thanks Shelli!

  67. My name is Miche’al (Michelle) and I am 38yrs old. I weight 130lbs and would like to really tone up. I lift 6 days a week and do cardio 3-4 days. I love to experiment with food so you will probably see more post like that from me. I really want to test myself this year and participate in the Tough Mudder

  68. I’m in! I’ve fallen off the ENTIRE Year of 2013. I’ve just been in a funk. I’m ready to pull myself back out of it. I’ve got all I need in the basement, ready to be used again! Let’s get it.

  69. My name is Kia and I’m 36. I haven’t been consistent with exercise in a while so I’m trying to get back on the horse. I miss the energy and I’d like to lose at least 20 lbs in the next 6 months.

  70. I’m Tanya and I’m 38. I don’t work out AT ALL, not proud of that, but atleast I’m honest. I have worked out in the past, and just stopped. No reason, just stopped. But I’m ready now, 10 minutes a day, I got this!

  71. LaChelle is in. I’m 38 and rarely workout. I need to lose like 25-30 pounds but my overall goal is just to be healthier for the long haul. Today I shoveled snow for 90 minutes and I am totally using that as my workout! Thanks Shelli for encouraging all of us to join with you on this journey!

  72. My name is Sharon and I’m 34 ( soon to be 35 in a few days). I try to work out at least 20 minutes a day. Now that we have a 2 year old and a 6 month I am ready to get back in to shape. I’ve gained 50 pounds since having my kids and I’m ready to say bye bye to the bulge.
    Completed my 10 just before midnight. Got to get back in the habit of getting my workout done early.

  73. My name is Tanisha. I am 38 years old recently retired from 5 years of playing, then coaching, roller derby. I broke my leg a year ago (playing the game) and have not returned to a real fitness routine since. I think I took the approach that if I couldn’t train like the athlete I was, then I wasn’t going to workout at all. I now feel and look blah. So 10 minutes a day it is. I am going to teach myself that anything is better than nothing. I am going to learn to ditch the all or nothing way that I make a lot of decisions. I’m sure once the habit is reestablished I will pick up the pace some.

  74. I’m Keyana. 41 years of age. I don’t work out. I’m joing this challenge to change that! I want to live long and healthy. Not just in body, but in mind and spirit.
    Yeah Baby!

  75. My name is Lynn. I am 43, mom of 3. My workouts have been few and far between. I have recently let go of some responsibilities so it is time to take care of me! I learned about this challenge from an old friend and was encouraged by her enthusiasm and look forward to starting,

  76. Hi, I’m Showanda and I’m 38 years old. I normally work out about 3x a week but after an injury, I kindof fell off doing anything, because I couldn’t do what I wanted, which was run. I have gained about 10 pounds and I would like to loose that along with the other 10 I was working on before the injury. My 39 birthday is in March and I don’t want to continuing disliking the way I look naked. My ultimate goal is to run a marathon this year, if I can get past this injury. I just saw the post, so I’m starting a day behind, but I’ll do an extra day on the end. Good luck everyone!

  77. Hi, I’m Shiba, 41yrs young, wife and a mother of 2. I’ve been on and off this fitness path since the birth of my first child 18yrs ago with the goal of losing weight. Lately, i’ve been more off than on. This time around I’m striving for consistency and overall Heath, Fitness and well being…I’m loving the 10mins a day concept it totally motivates. There really is NO excuse for me not to do at least 10Mins!! I have about 57lbs that i need to lose. That i Will Lose! This is my square 1, slow and steady will win the race!

  78. Hello, I my name is Vikki and I am 45 yrs young. I do not exercise. I want to improve my overall health. Loose belly fat, tone up and decrease stress. I know that it is not going to happen overnight but need a guide/plan to get started. I have decided to start this year and not put it off any longer.

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  80. Okay y’all, I am probably one of the last to get in on this challenge, but I’m in none the less.. sooooo I’ll be almost a week behind y’all. In my mind, that’s better than not doing it at all. :)

    • Oh yeah I forgot!! I am 46 years old and can definately relate to the on again off again, yoyo exercise program Shelli talked about before starting her challenge. I need to get it together so exercise can be a permanent part of my healthy lifestyle.

  81. I’m in – I’m impressed at how great your progress looks on you Shelli! My birthday is tomorrow and I hit the big 5-2, tho’ I’m mistaken for much younger. God is great! I’m down. I’m starting my 10 minutes on my birthday TOMORROW, and I’m praying all of you will stick with it, becauseI need your prayers too!

  82. My name is Janet, I am 52 (53 in February) I have not been working out much in the last year. I lost 35lbs a year ago, but put it back on. I am currently near the end of a 7 day cleanse. I am NOT able to workout. But next week I am in all the way. Looking forward to it and the support of all the lovely sisters.

  83. I’m late getting started on this, but it’s never too late to get fit. My name is Veronica, I’m 48 and from October thru mid-November I worked out weights & cardio 4x a week at least 30 minutes a day. I’ve fallen off badly and haven’t worked out since 11/17, gained back 5 lbs. I had lost and some of the inches. I need to lose weight…at least 30lbs to improve my health and stress level. Shelli is my inspiration!

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  85. sorry i have to drop out. I haven’t been able to do much more than lay around. I’ve had a couple of bad asthmatic episodes and have been so sick, walking causes me hardships with breathing.

    fortunately, the inhaler steroids are working and I’m looking forward to normal functioning in a day or so. Either way, I don’t want to push my self to working out too soon so maybe you can do this again???

  86. I’m Tina and I’m 41. I usually workout 3 days a week but when I saw that you had committed to working out 365 days, I was intrigued and wondered if I could accomplish such a feat. So since the beginning of this month I’ve been working out every day. I’m currently doing P90X.

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  88. Name is Monde. 30 years old I try to exercise but not consistently. I want to loose weight because people keep asking me if am pregnant and am not. …. I would like something to keep me active even if it’s 10 min a day. I know am late. But I would rather late than never.

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    • Never too late to start Ramah! We are on day 15, but just start your count down from day 1 and go to 28 days. I’ll start another one of these for ladies who want to continue or start for the first time, so you can just continue through that. But, I don’t want you to wait for that one, because I think the sooner we start, the better!! (Well, that is if you aren’t working out now. Some of the ladies were already working out and this was just a challenge to do something every day).

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