Havana Twists … #Hairgasm!!


Okay, I just found these pics and had to share. I’m salivating!! Yeah … this is gonna happen.

Afrigenix, the salon that did these, is just across the bridge in New York too?!?! Done! But, you know what? I have three more bags of Afro Puffy Twist hair and these are pretty big!!  I might try to do these jammies myself!!

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  1. If ANYBODY finds out how to do these, what kind of hair this is, etc…please let me know!! I live over 1000 miles away from NY (I grew up in NJ but my family moved), so getting them done professionally is not an option….Whew! #flatline

    • Ayeshia and Stacie,

      I’m pretty sure it’s the Nafy collection Afro Puffy twist hair that I have in now … it looks almost identical. The hair is very soft, light and fluffy and the ends just curl right up like naturally curly hair. This is the hair and the seller:

      His e-mail address is at the bottom of the comments. The hair costs $9.99 a bag and $8 for shipping no matter how many bags you order if you e-mail Young.

    • Hi Stacie, I found a girl on you tube (blackonyx77) doing havanna twist. she spells havana with two N’s. I plan to do mine this wknd but I really dont want to have to order that hair online. I’m going to find a comparable to use.

  2. I actually go to Afrigenix for my quarterly trims/cuts and this place is great. The staff is very friendly and the prices are reasonable. Check it out if you’re in the area!

    • Hi Shawanda. I only know about the salon in NY that I linked above (Afrigenix). However, I’m sure if you have the right hair, you can get any braiding place to do your hair like this, if you show them pics. Good luck!

  3. Hello everyone…

    They are having a sale on the Havana Twist style at Afrigenix ( I went this past Monday) I actually love it.. Just call to make sure they are still running the special and book your appointment

  4. Sure… Just trying to share :) Style + 5 packs of hair (about 10 dollars each, but I am sure if you have the hair you can bring it, just ask the type when you call) + tax came to $156 ( I washed my own hair, more if you need them to wash it). It is usually a $300 hair style. Afrigenix is expensive when it comes to braids and or weaves. I am natural so I only go to them for my two strand and/or flat twists on my hair. Oh, also Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they have any two strand, flat twists or two strand/flat twists combo for $45(on your own hair)
    Hope this helps…

    • WOW! That’s not bad at all. I’m going to try and find someone in Chicago to do these!! I LOVE big juicy 2 strand twist!!! I’ve downloaded pics and on the hunt for a stylist to do me!

    • Thanks for your post! I currently have the Havana twists in now. Still adjusting after a month of having them. I got them on special as well for $88 + $50 for hair.

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  6. My friend came over with the exact twist and I must admit I have a change of heart for them. I like them but would not get them because my hair is extremely fine. I can only wear protective and low manipulation hairstyles such as french braids, buns or ponytails.

  7. I got it done normal price $300. They had a special last month for $88. I liked the style but it was difficult to sleep

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    • No, I haven’t :(. LOL!! Now that it’s getting warmer, I probably won’t try them until fall or winter. I have read some say that they work better smaller, because they can be hard to sleep on and put a lot of weight on the hair.

  9. If I can have a similar thickness and shrunken length thats the length of these twists, than my hair goal would be complete. These are the most beautiful twists and they are my goal! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Danni, you know that this is with extension hair, right?? I would do bodily harm to have twists this thick and lush!! LOL!! OMGosh!! But, alas, it shall never be. If your natural twists look even half as lush as these, you are a DIVA in my eyes!!! LOL!!

      • ahahaha. yes!, but ill like to visualize these with my real hair!! gotta dreaamm lol.. thats why if my hair reach this level sans extensions , ill be straight lol. and your hair is epic! even your wash day braids leaves me in aw. lol

  10. Hi! You may be set on the salon, but if you’re looking for a DIY method, check out dabarefootbombshell on YouTube… Its her rope twist tutorial. Good luck!

  11. I got the Havana twists last month. Everyone that sees me with it, loves it! Thank you for your original posts on Curly Nikki. The process took less than two hours, but I have a few cons. The braider used a blow dryer on my hair even though I washed and twisted to stretch my hair. She also did not part my hair evenly like the model. Overall it’s a great style to wear. I am still wearing and they said I can reuse the hair after washing it.

    • Oh, awesome Alwina!! I see you’re on FB, would you post a photo?!?! I sooo want to see them!! Awww, thank you so much for letting me know that the post helped you and that you love the style. Did you go to Afriginex in NY or somewhere else? Ugghhh, that’s the one thing about getting someone else to do it … you chance them being rough and once you know how to treat your hair, it is horrible feeling someone else not be careful like yourself. But, still so happy to read that, overall, you really like them. Now, pics on the Hairscapades FB wall please!!!!! LOL!!

      • I’m late and just now seeing this. I know we met in person, so I will definitely upload a few pics from the day I got it done. I went to Afrigenix and it was cool. Just make sure whoever does your hair, when they are finished puts a little bit of the oil for your scalp and not a lot. Beautiful fragrance but very overwhelming. Took almost a week to minimize the smell. *wipes brow* lol

    • Omg how long did it last? And how much did it cost? I live. In ny but id rather try it out On myself before I let some one Else touch my scalp! Would you happen to know any similar kinds of hair available in the beauty supply store?

      • I still have the twists in. I usually keep extensions in for about 6 weeks, cause I get tired of the style and I want to wash/play in my own hair. To put the style in, it looks simple, but I’d have to do a video on it and I don’t do videos lol. Please see Afrigenix reply in earlier comments for the type of hair. You can’t purchase it on the ground and for the style plus hair I paid $88 and $50, respectively plus tax. Get it done by them once and do it yourself after.

  12. These just look like the ultimate jumbo senegalese twists, so sure this can be accomplished with similar hair, some rollers and boiled water! I MUST TRY THIS! After all imma DIY kinda girl=)

    • I doubt it Jeanine, since it’s synthetic. I think I asked the same question about the afro puffy twist hair and whether henna would stick to it. They said that it would not since it attaches to the protein in the hair cuticle. I would think a chemical dye can’t penetrate plastic. Although, you may be able to dye it with something like Rit. However, I don’t know that I’d want that on something that I was using in my hair.

  13. I have to get this hair style. I just had the person that does my hair to google this style. She does a Similar style in my hair. Is this a good style for the summer? Do you get hot.

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  15. I think I’m going to order the hair and try this myself, how hard can it be. There are a lot of youtube videos for this style now. :)

    • I think you can use whatever hair type you like, they are just chunky twists. But, the appearance will not be exactly the same because of the different texture and shine level of the hair. I want to try it with the Afro Puffy Twist hair I used last year. I think that looks more comparable to the fingercomber hair.

  16. I ordered the hair from Fingercomber.com and followed the directions on their site, the back was hard as heck to do initially but I didn’t give up. I’m so happy with the results. :) I ordered 5 packs of hair and only used 2 but since this will be my go to style for the next few months I’ll just use it later.

  17. I just took mine out after having them in for a month, and after this break I am going back in. The thing is that they are not started like regular twists with extensions. To get the look of them being your hair, you have to part the section that you are going to do into two sections. Twist the bottom section of your hair with one section of the extensions until it is flush with your scalp, then add the top portion of the separated hair with the bottom section and twist to the end. The end result is beautiful!

    • “To get the look of them being your hair, you have to part the section that you are going to do into two sections. Twist the bottom section of your hair with one section of the extensions until it is flush with your scalp, then add the top portion of the separated hair with the bottom section and twist to the end. The end result is beautiful!”

      Exactly. I’ve seen some youtubers braid first and it just takes away from how they’re supposed to look. Glad I’m not the only one enjoying this look. :)

      • I have a question if your natural but have the very curly natural hair should you blow dry first or let air dry?please help will be getting done this weekend! Thanks!

        • Hopefully Jai and/or Jae will pop in with a response too. But, I’ll give my two cents. I had afro puffy twists, which are similar but a lot smaller and I did a blow out. I would suggest blowing out hair b/c it’ll be easier to part into the sections and your hair will be detangled.

  18. Hello I am in Detroit, never had braids, twists, or anything, but this protective still is a winner! Does anyone know anyone is Detroit that does these! I am not a do-it-your-selfer.

  19. Please does anyone in Soutj Florida do these Havana Twists and of sell the Havana Haur/ also what products ate used to keep them so beautiful ?? I have relaxer will it still work with relaxed hair??

  20. I know that there are a lot of DIY people onn here, but this style can not be duplicated unless you know the braiding technique that is used. I would strongly recommend t. Hat you go to the salon and have them done by Miriam. She is the best! I am natural and had my hair washed @ Afrigenix and whatever shampoo they used had my hair softer than cotton. Their hair balm (shea butter) and hair oils smells awesome! They have several scents and you can actually pick out the one you like the best. My overall experience was wonderful. And because I got them done smaller, I only needed three packs. It took only two hours and I have a big head, with a lot of thick hair (lol). I’m scheduling another appointment in a couple of weeks to get them re-done. I’ve done a lot of research on these before getting them done & there is no other salon that can do them. I’ve even asked about seven African braid shops in CT and none of them could figure out how to start it. After seeing how they do it, I’m sure I can try it, nut it takes away from being pampered and being in such a wonderful atmosphere. Can’t wait to go back.

  21. I really enjoyed this hair style. You do NOT have to go to a salon for this style, the Fingercomber website has step by step instructions on how to achieve this style and it’s up to you to decide what type of hair to use. I bought 5 bags of the Fingercomber hair(used 2), washed the hair and reused it twice. Save yourselves some money and try it :-)

    Sorry for this late info
    The first time I did the style I blow dried my hair the second time I didn’t; no difference

    • No, you don’t have to be fully natural. This is like any other braided or twisted style. The extension hair is what gives it the look. Although, I will say, if your hair is super straight on the relaxed lengths, it may stick out at the bottom, so it’s best to prep your hair in a way that leaves some “texture” in it. HTH!

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